Supplies Needed

At any given time, we care for up to 100 cats...that's a lot of food, litter, beds and toys! Please see below for our current needs. To drop off a donation, please call 1-844-888 CATS (2287) to make an appointment. Thank you for your continued support!


Food & Treats

  • Cat Chow Healthy Weight
  • Fancy Feast moist - all flavors
  • Friskies moist - Tasty Treasures, Variety packs, Concoctions, all flavors



Litter & Related Items

  • Self-clumping cat litter (Tidy Cats works great)
  • Pee pads without attractants
  • Large litter boxes (without lids)

Essential Comfort Items

  • Cat trees/towers/condos
  • Heating pads
  • Small space heaters
  • Wand toys/fishing pole toys
  • Scratching posts
  • Feliway and other pheromone sprays