My name is Blackie - please read my story!

You know, when people first see me they make the mistake of thinking that I am black and don't realize just how special I am.  I am a five year old black torti girl with an amazing personality!  Of course, my loving nature shines through immediately but you need to stop and take a closer look at my elegant coat to see the markings within the dark color.  Truly, I am quite stunning if I say so myself.  Of course, you could be checking out my fur while petting me at the same time. Preferably while I am laying in your lap - before you take me home. I was returned to FUR because my Mom had a stroke and she was no longer able to care for me and my brother Stormy.  Stormy was adopted a few weeks ago and I was standing at my door waving good bye when it dawned on me that he probably thought I was sad to see him go.  Actually - NOT!  I don't know what Mom saw in him but he was such a bully.  I was waving good riddance.  Now they won't adopt us out together again. I am SO relieved. Please come by and spend time with me.  I just know you will fall in love and I am so good at returning that love many times over. There is no need for either one of us to be lonely anymore.


Scott Maclay