My name is Stormy but don't let that fool you! I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!

I want to be up front with you all before you hear the rumors. It is true that I am remarkably handsome being a rare silver tabby. It is also true that my name does fit my personality - but only, only when it comes to other cats.  And being 5 years old and a guy, I am set in my ways with no desire to change!  I am so special that you will understand immediately that you will need no other cats in your life but me. Returned recently to FUR with my sister Blackie when our Mom had a stroke, these other cats are driving me nuts! I am constantly whining about the situation and whenever given the opportunity I love all over my human servants in the hopes that one of them will take me home.  But alas and alack! most of them already have cats that they are just unwilling to give up. Really, folks - how blind can they be?  I am lively, love to cuddle and a one cat entertainment machine.  Don't miss this opportunity to make me yours!

Scott Maclay