Meet the siblings Skeeter and Scamper!

Skeeter (left) - this adorable 6 month old male tabby is at the perfect age for adoption.  Over the “zoom around the house and jump up on anything within reach . . . or not” stage, he has now entered the “it’s ok to take a break from exploring” stage and just hang out.  He adores human company, loves to cuddle and now finally sits still longer than a minute or two.  Playful but appreciative of those quiet moments of contemplation that we all need to regroup.  Come meet him and his adorable brother Scamper.  Two is always better than one!


Scamper (right) – inquisitive yet reserved, this remarkable male 6 month old tabby with beautiful white contrasting patches, appreciates the art of meditation and yoga - check out these poses!  As we who are older all know, these positions are to be admired and envied.  I can’t fall asleep in a comfy bed let alone squished into an awkward position.  He is calm yet playful and always ready for a bit of loving.  While his brother Skeeter likes to steal the show through persistence, Scamper nabs your heart through patient waiting. And overwhelming cuteness. 


Scott Maclay