I’m Amber. I was alone, scared and pregnant at an RV camping ground in Bryson City. Then suddenly, one day, a wonderful human came and got me. The timing was perfect…that night I gave birth to three beautiful kittens. We were all then taken to FUR, where we were given warm beds, lots of food and all the love we could handle.

It’s been so nice getting to raise my babies in a safe, protected area, but now they are weaned and I am ready for my own furever home. I’m pretty laid back and just love to be affectionate to my humans.

I hope you’ll come to FUR to meet me. Just maybe you’re my purrfect human and I’m your purrfect kitty!


Meet the siblings Skeeter and Scamper!

Skeeter (left) - this adorable 6 month old male tabby is at the perfect age for adoption.  Over the “zoom around the house and jump up on anything within reach . . . or not” stage, he has now entered the “it’s ok to take a break from exploring” stage and just hang out.  He adores human company, loves to cuddle and now finally sits still longer than a minute or two.  Playful but appreciative of those quiet moments of contemplation that we all need to regroup.  Come meet him and his adorable brother Scamper.  Two is always better than one!


Scamper (right) – inquisitive yet reserved, this remarkable male 6 month old tabby with beautiful white contrasting patches, appreciates the art of meditation and yoga - check out these poses!  As we who are older all know, these positions are to be admired and envied.  I can’t fall asleep in a comfy bed let alone squished into an awkward position.  He is calm yet playful and always ready for a bit of loving.  While his brother Skeeter likes to steal the show through persistence, Scamper nabs your heart through patient waiting. And overwhelming cuteness. 



My name is Blackie - please read my story!

You know, when people first see me they make the mistake of thinking that I am black and don't realize just how special I am.  I am a five year old black torti girl with an amazing personality!  Of course, my loving nature shines through immediately but you need to stop and take a closer look at my elegant coat to see the markings within the dark color.  Truly, I am quite stunning if I say so myself.  Of course, you could be checking out my fur while petting me at the same time. Preferably while I am laying in your lap - before you take me home. I was returned to FUR because my Mom had a stroke and she was no longer able to care for me and my brother Stormy.  Stormy was adopted a few weeks ago and I was standing at my door waving good bye when it dawned on me that he probably thought I was sad to see him go.  Actually - NOT!  I don't know what Mom saw in him but he was such a bully.  I was waving good riddance.  Now they won't adopt us out together again. I am SO relieved. Please come by and spend time with me.  I just know you will fall in love and I am so good at returning that love many times over. There is no need for either one of us to be lonely anymore.


My name is Stormy but don't let that fool you! I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!

I want to be up front with you all before you hear the rumors. It is true that I am remarkably handsome being a rare silver tabby. It is also true that my name does fit my personality - but only, only when it comes to other cats.  And being 5 years old and a guy, I am set in my ways with no desire to change!  I am so special that you will understand immediately that you will need no other cats in your life but me. Returned recently to FUR with my sister Blackie when our Mom had a stroke, these other cats are driving me nuts! I am constantly whining about the situation and whenever given the opportunity I love all over my human servants in the hopes that one of them will take me home.  But alas and alack! most of them already have cats that they are just unwilling to give up. Really, folks - how blind can they be?  I am lively, love to cuddle and a one cat entertainment machine.  Don't miss this opportunity to make me yours!