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CHIRP (Adult male)

I was adopted out about 2 years ago with my sister, Daisy. Unfortunately, my human had to deal with some very stressful situations and could no longer take care of us so we were brought back to FUR.I'm a bit shy at first, but I really am a good cuddler. I am a handsome tabby and I promise to love my new human and will give you lots of leg rubs and nudges. Please call schedule an appointment to meet me! I can’t wait to see you!

Cobalt 3.jpg

COBALT (Adult male, declawed)

Cobalt is a middle-aged, large lap cat. He was turned into the local kill shelter when his owners abandoned him outside! Unfortunately, he was also declawed in his youth and it was done incorrectly. As a result, he walks “flat footed” and will need that special someone to make sure he doesn't get into high places where he can jump down without causing pain in his front feet. The vet says he isn't in any pain now, but he will likely have issues with arthritis in his golden years. He is also very good with other cats. He isn’t dominant at all and needs another non-dominant kitty.

Cobalt is searching for a family willing to be “in it for the long haul.” If this sounds like you, please schedule an appointment to meet this very sweet boy.


KATE (Senior female)

This beautiful senior cat could easily be called Lover Girl because loving us humans is her number one priority. She gets along easily with all cats and is easy to please. You can always find her near the FUR volunteers, sneaking a pet or head bump, so grateful to be safe with us after losing her person. She's a wonderful companion -- not too playful and not too needy -- and a great listener.

Kate is available for adoption, and she's already spayed and vaccinated and ready to go to her new furever home immediately.

And now, thanks to Animal Hospital of Waynesville, Kate will now go to her furever home with a FREE one-year Pet Annual Wellness Plan.

Click on "Appointment" above to find a time to meet the lovely Kate! 


KIWI (Kitten female)

I was named for my small size, but I have a big personality. I may be a bit shyer than my siblings at first, but I do love to play and, once I warm up to you, really enjoy cuddles.

I was one of five kittens brought to FUR volunteer and neonate specialist Kelli Miller after our momma had to be euthanized due to liver failure. Our momma was older…and there’s no telling how many litters she had before us.

Kelli bottled fed and took care of us ‘round the clock until we were finally strong enough to eat and play on our own. Now we are at the FUR sanctuary, looking for furever homes of our very own. I hope you'll make an appointment to come meet me! 


LIBBY (Kitten female)

Libby was abandoned in a box on the side of a road as a newborn with her momma and littermates. A kind woman who was driving by saw them, rescued them and then asked FUR to take them.

The whole family has thrived in our care, and now Libby is ready to find a furever home of her own. She’s sweet and friendly as can be, but she still loves to play. To meet this little girl, please schedule an appointment.


LILAH (Adult female)

Lilah and her four newborn kittens were abandoned in a box on the side of a road. A kind woman who was driving by saw them, rescued them and then asked FUR to take them.

Lilah and her babies have thrived in our care, and now that the babies are independent, it’s time for sweet Lilah to find a furever home of her own. She’s sweet as can be, but she still enjoys quality play time. To meet this beauty, please schedule an appointment.

20180323_114030-1 (2).jpg

LUNA (Adult female)

Single Tabby Female (STF) seeking new, patient, caring person for a serious relationship. 

I am a pretty 5 year old tabby with green eyes and a musical purr. My previous relationships have left me a bit jaded so I'll need love on my own terms initially. I'll give warning when I need a break though. But by the time you're ready to say the "L" word, I'll be putty in your hands. 

I like playing with my toys, chasing the string, napping, and cuddling while you watch TV or check FB on your phone. Please contact FUR to meet me!


MICKEY (Kitten male)

My momma, my three siblings and I were living alone in a crate in a storage unit. Fortunately, we were discovered by a good Samaritan who brought us to FUR. Despite my precarious start in the world, my siblings and I grew up in a safe environment where food and love abounded. If you ask me, we became sweet and playful and mischievous...everything kittens should be. 

My momma and siblings have all been adopted, but somehow, I'm still here! I'd love a chance to win your heart. Just make an appointment!


MOLLY (Senior female, special needs)

I'm Molly. I used to stay outside where I could come and go as I please. But I started having vision loss due to high blood pressure, so now I am an indoor-only love bug. I know I can never be an outside cat vision just makes it too dangerous. But if I can find someone willing to love me, give me my meds and let me finally live a "cozy" life, I'll take it! And good news…FUR will pay for my medications for the rest of my life!

I'd love for you to message FUR about coming to meet me!


NADIA (Adult female)

My foster mom tells me that sometimes I talk back too much, but I'm otherwise a great companion. I will admit that I desperately want a home where I'm the only pet. I just don't like anyone else taking my spotlight. I'll also admit that I'm pretty lazy. I love to find a sunny spot and just hang out there.  If you're looking for a laid back feline friend like me, just contact FUR to make an appointment to meet me!


OREO (Adult male)

I’m Oreo. I was very blessed to be rescued and brought to FUR. I'm a neutered male who is a few years old. I absolutely adore people. I'll sit on laps and love to be held and scratched. I'll even follow folks around while they go about their business just because I love their company.

FUR's been great, and I've been given lots of love here, but there's so many other cats I get rather stressed out. I'm looking for a home where I can be the sole object of your affection. In exchange, I promise you lots of cuddles and good company.

If that's a deal you're willing to make, please message FUR!


OZZY (Kitten male)

I'm from one of two litters co-mothered by moms Sadie and Sophie.

I'm a sweet girl would rather be eating, playing or cuddling than getting my picture taken.

I'm now spayed and ready for my furever home! I hope you'll contact FUR to make an appointment to meet me!

Scamper 1.JPG

Scamper (Adult male)

I’m Scamper, and my name says it all! I am inquisitive and playful but also calm and reserved. I was born at FUR, after my momma was lucky enough to end up here. So all I have ever known is the love and warmth of humans.

My favorite hobbies include wrestling with my BFF Timmy, chasing balls or toy wands and curling up with people for much-appreciated loving. Let me highlight that last part…I LOVE people, and I need a fair amount of affection. I promise to return oodles of love as well!

I hope you will make an appointment to come meet me!


TIMMY (Adult male)

It’s true, I am a Momma’s boy. There are times that I can play a tad bit rough but between Momma Topaz and my human friends, it doesn’t last long. They are all about love. Which isn’t bad. Personally, loving is good as long as play time is also strictly enforced. They would say I am more loveable once I am a bit tired but I would say it is easier to put up with their adoration once I have had a LOT of fun. I'd really love to go to a forever home with my mom. She's pretty sweet. I really hop you will come meet us!


TOPAZ (Adult female)

I came to FUR very stressed. Only 3 of my 4 kittens were caught with me. I couldn't understand how the one and only human I'd ever trusted could do this to me. But then I figured out it was done out of love. And in return, I've become a purring, leg rubbing, belly up in the air kind of kitty. I've grown pretty attached to one of my sons, Timmy, and I'd really love to be adopted with him so we can stay together. If you make an appointment to meet the two of us, I know you won't be disappointed!


WILLIE (Adult male)

I'm a greeter extraordinaire! My specialty is making folks feel welcome. I love to be petted and sometimes will even sit in your lap. Sharing is okay but all this time about giving other kitties equal opportunity is just beyond my understanding. After all, you are my world so I should be yours! If you want to change things up and play – that is pretty cool too.  Playing, loving, playing, loving, snack – purrfect! I can't wait for you to make an appointment to meet me!