2018 Success Stories


Melissa Rescues Hollie

Hollie and her two friends, Middie and Boozer, had a human family. But a new human came to live with them and the three cats were put in the basement ... for about two years. The people continued to feed and take care of them while trying to find them a new home, but the sudden separation took its toll on Hollie. At FUR, she craved attention from the vounteers, following them around, giving hugs, jumping on laps, even climbing on chests and shoulders so she could bury her head in necks and hair. She even became a bit possessive of the people. Then one day a lovely high school student, Melissa, and her mom came by to look at a different cat, and Hollie won their hearts! Hollie now has a family again!


Lindsay Saves Jenney

Jenney walks a bit funny and her eyesight is not quite right, but that’s because she was hit by a car when she was just a baby. She had a family once, but her mom had to give her up when she went on dialysis (folks who are on dialysis aren’t supposed to have cats). Because Jenney is special needs, we knew she would need a very special home. 

That's when a lovely woman named Lindsay came to FUR looking for a cat to take home. Jenney crawled right up into her lap as if she was always meant to be there!  Lindsay took Jenney home that very same day!


Shannon and Luna Find Each Other

Luna's person died, and that was the start of a traumatizing debacle. She ended up with relatives who truly thought Luna was trying to kill them, so they took her to the county shelter. Luna has a herpatic eye, which was inflamed due to stress, so she was put in quarantine in the dog area. For three months. Until FUR found her and put her in a foster home. That's when an amazing woman named Shannon came to meet her, and even though Luna was grumpy (hissing and swatting) Shannon wanted her anyway. Luna's now in her furever home and has realized it's ok to love again!