2018 Success Stories


Eli Rescues Hollie

Hollie and her two friends, Middie and Boozer, had a human family. But a new human came to live with them and the three cats were put in the basement ... for about two years. The people continued to feed and take care of them while trying to find them a new home, but the sudden separation took its toll on Hollie. At FUR, she craved attention from the volunteers, following them around, giving hugs, jumping on laps, even climbing on chests and shoulders so she could bury her head in necks and hair. She even became a bit possessive of the people. Then one day a lovely young man, Eli, and his dad came to FUR in search of the purrfect cat, and Hollie won their hearts! Hollie now has a family again!


Jenney Finds a Family

Jenney's had a string of bad luck, but you'd never know it from meeting her. First, she was hit by car when she was just a kitten. That trauma left her with a wiggle in her walk and damage with her peripheral vision. Then her human momma had to go on dialysis, and people on dialysis aren't supposed to have cats, so Jenney came to FUR. Then this sweet, playful cat found a great home, but her second mom had to return her due to circumstances beyond her control. Back at FUR, though, Jenney was just as sweet and loving as could be. It was as if she didn't have a care in the world. That's when a lovely family from Black Mountain found her and took her home. This amazing little girl finally has her happy ending!

Jennier framed.jpg
Peter and Maddie Abra (2).jpg

Maddie & Abra's Dream Comes True

Maddie and her daughter, Abra, had been long-term FUR residents. While sweet as can be, the timid pair would tense up when most people would pet them -- even some of our FUR volunteers. We had started to think that the pair would stay at FUR until a volunteer had space open in their household. Then Peter came in looking for a cat. He was not intimidated by their shyness and knew he could give them the kind of home the girls would blossom in. And just like that, they became a family!

Jonah and Megan and Sissy Chips Jossi.jpg

Sissy, Chips & Jossi Go Home Together

Jonah and Megan (along with their parents) came to FUR Adoption Day in Feb. 2018 looking to add a feline friend to their family. Little did they know they'd fall in love with a pair of siblings -- Sissy and Chips. These kittens were rescued from a TNR site after it was discovered that their momma was too sick to care for them. They were placed in foster care with a FUR volunteer, where a third kitten who was also being fostered, Jossi, bonded with them. On that miraculous day when Jonah and Megan fell in love with Chips and Sissy, their mom couldn't bear to leave little Jossi all alone -- and so Jossi got adopted, too! What a wonderful day it was!


Rambo & Shadow Get a Second Chance

Cynthia Buff came to FUR looking for a young Calico and left with two senior males. Rambo, a Siamese mix, and Shadow, a tux, were turned into the County Shelter with instructions to euthanize them because they were old. Obviously, the Shelter ignored those instructions and called FUR, since senior cats have very low adoption rates. FUR pulled these lovable boys into our sanctuary, and we are so glad we did! Rambo and Shadow have been together for many years and we are thrilled that they can remain together in a loving home. We love it when the stars line up just right!

Vicki Bishop and Amber.jpg

Amber & Vicki Find Each Other

Amber was alone, scared and pregnant at an RV camping ground in Bryson City when a wonderful person found her. The timing was perfect…that night she gave birth to three beautiful kittens. The whole family was brought to FUR, where they were given warm beds, lots of food and all the love they could handle.

Little did I know that my stay at FUR would be relatively short. When Vicki came to FUR's Adoption Day in Feb. 2018, we both knew pretty quickly she was my purrfect person. Now I have my very own family, and very my own dog! He does my bidding, but don't tell Vicki that!


Milo & Meeka Hit the Jackpot

These two siblings, along with their momma and the other two in their litter, were living alone in a crate in a storage unit. Fortunately they were discovered by a good Samaritan who brought them to FUR. Despite their precarious start in the world, Milo and Meeka and their siblings grew up in a safe environment where food and love abounded. They became sweet and playful and mischievous...everything a kitten should be. 

When Kori came in for Adoption Day in Feb. 2018, she was instantly drawn to this family. Choosing one is always hard, so she chose two -- one as a gift for her fiance'! Today, Milo and Meeka (now Milo and Misha) are living the spoiled life...as every cat deserves to be!