SaNctuary Cats



I was hit by a car some time ago and just haven't been the same since. I've healed quite a lot since that horrible ordeal but both the volunteers and I know FUR is likely my furever home. I'm pretty ok with that...the volunteers love me, it's a safe place away from cars, and I can rely on regular feedings (though I want to eat much more than they let me).



I'm a sweet boy, but there is just too much going on inside of the Sanctuary. I prefer to stay outside where I can run or sunbathe on the hood of cars. I can very often be found on the side deck where I can watch the other cats or the humans as they go about their daily chores. It's nice, they talk to me and, if I'm feeling generous, I'll let them pet me.



The kittens at FUR may think I'm a grumpy old lady, but the truth is all those young'uns running and jumping and playing is just too much for me. I'm not going to keep them from having fun though, so I just stay out of their way. You can usually find me on a shelf, on top of the temporary cages or curled up in a warm bed on a chair. I often just like peace and solitude, but I also enjoy good head rubs and some delicious wet food on occasion.

Callie Family.jpg

Callie, Marla, Galley and Roo

Marla, Galley and Roo came to us as 8-week old kittens born to feral mom Callie. The 4th kitten in the litter was never found.

Callie gave birth under the building that used to be the old Maggie’s Galley Restaurant. The family was still living there when it closed and was scheduled for demolition. We had to get them out but they were already past the age where we could sufficiently handle or socialize them, so they had to be trapped. They'd had had no contact with humans.

Now, five years later, they seem grateful for the love and reliable safety we humans at FUR provide, but they still prefer to keep their distance. We know they love us in their own way.



Visitors to FUR often think Boots and I are the same cat because we look so much alike. But the FUR volunteers can easily tell us apart: I'm bigger and I prefer to hang out on the windowsill in the kitchen instead of on some dusty old shelf! (I have pretty bad allergies, so all that dust would just make things worse.) It's a good life here at FUR. I sneak extra food in the kitchen when the volunteers aren't looking and I get lots of sunshine and love. What cat could ask for more?

Grey Baby.jpg

Grey Baby

I used to be an outdoor cat, but I wasn't really doing so well out there...I was pretty scared so I hid a lot in the horse barn. The sweet volunteers at FUR thought I might do better indoors, so they gave me a corner room with lots of sunshine. I love this cat tower thing they gave me. That's usually where the volunteers find me. They are all very nice and try to come in and love on me, but it's still pretty hard for me to trust humans, so there's only a few I let touch me. But boy, oh boy, how I do love those few!


Mama Molly

I was left at the shelter pregnant, alone and scared in the Spring of 2015. FUR swooped in quickly to rescue me after I gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. They quickly figured out I was not community cat material. Simply put other cats stress me out. I do come inside at FUR sometimes if it gets really cold outside or a wild animal gets too close. It's sweet...the volunteers rush to give me wet food and then let me curl up for a nap in a quiet corner away from other cats. I know they wish I would stay inside, but I just can't when there are so many others.



Visitors at FUR often want to pet me when they see me, because of my fluffy fur. But the volunteers know that while I may be brave enough to walk around the building, I generally try to stay outside of arms reach of most humans. It's nothing personal...I just never really had good luck with people before FUR and so it takes me a long time to trust. The volunteers keep trying though, and I appreciate the warm beds and yummy food. I may never trust people enough to end up in what the other cats call a "furever home," but ya know what? I think I'm ok with that. These people at FUR are my family, and this Sanctuary is my home. 



I'm a big boy, but I still maintain that at least half of my size is the fluffiness of my fur. And when the volunteers shave me every summer, I get my proof! I'm an affectionate indoor/outdoor cat at FUR and I enjoy the freedom of coming and going when I choose. The nice thing is that I never have to worry about whether I will find food, warmth and love when I come...I know I can count on the volunteers every single day!