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Max Desperately Needs YOUR Help

This senior boy is 13 and very sweet, in good health (teeth included!) and has had a full check up and blood panel. He used to be an outside stray in Florida but when his mom moved here to NC last year, she brought Max and now he is strictly inside. Unfortunately, Max and his mom's other cat don’t get along, and they live in a small, one bedroom apartment.

His mom has been trying to find a new home for him but has had no luck. MAX'S FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN if we cannot help him find a new family or foster parent.

He likes dogs and most other cats.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering this sweet senior, please contact FUR. If you cannot adopt or foster him, PLEASE share this post so that we can hopefully find someone to save him. #SaveASenior#AdoptDontShop

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Smokey's mom adopted this sweet boy about six years ago. He fit in very well with their existing cat and 2 dogs...until about a year ago, when Smokey began to become quite disgruntled around the other animals, to the point where he now pursues the other cat and the dog is afraid of him!

Smokey's parents have tried everything, but nothing has worked. However, Smokey is extremely loving to people & loves to snuggle in laps at night. He has a very loud purr and has always only been an indoor cat – with outdoor excursions on a leash or in a cattery. He is neutered & has great manners as long as his litter box in clean. Oh, and he loves bow ties!

Smokey's heartbroken parents have reached the conclusion that Smokey needs to be an only furbaby. They love him dearly and want to help him find his purrfect family. Could it be yours?