Community CATS

FUR is not a rehoming facility — we are a last chance rescue. Yet, we know that sometimes folks in our community need help rehoming their cats in an effort to keep them out of the local Shelter or off the streets. We are happy to help with this effort. The following cats need new homes. Can you help?



This little guy was rescued from the side of a road when a good Samaritan stopped to ask for directions. A tuxedo bobtail, he weighs less than 3 pounds and is as sweet as can be. He even purrs while he sleeps! The good Samaritan has taken him home for now, where he is living with other cats and a dog – and is getting along just fine. While she has named him – Cornelius – she cannot keep him permanently.

If you would like to meet him, please contact FUR and we will put you in touch with his rescuer.



Harley is two years old. He is very friendly and is good with both dogs and other cats, but he does not do well around small children.

His person needs to rehome him as soon as possible, but both FUR and our local shelter is at capacity. He is neutered and current on his shots.

To learn more about Harley, or to meet this sweet boy, contact FUR and we will put you in touch with his person.



Miss Kitty is 11 years old and very affectionate. Her person's allergies have gotten worse and she is now confined to a small laundry room. He feels that is not fair to her, but the only other option is to find Miss Kitty another home.

Miss Kitty needs to be an inside cat only. She has a mild case of diabetes that is controlled by special food (no meds!) and is otherwise healthy.

To learn more or to meet Miss Kitty, contact FUR, and we will put you in touch with her person.



This sweet four-year-old girl is spayed and microchipped. She is an indoor cat who enjoys both people and other cats. Unfortunately, she does NOT like dogs, and her current family has multiple. She is under quite a bit of stress in her current home, and her people very much want a better life for her.

Please call or message us if you are interested in meeting this sweet girl.