Meet our little "Ranger"!

Concern began immediately as volunteers at FUR realized that all was not right with adorable black kitten Ranger. Recently arrived at FUR along with Mom Daisy and brother Pumpkin, this family had already experienced great loss.  Impregnated by her own brother when her owners neglected to have four siblings neutered, Daisy (who is a Siamese mix manx) gave birth to four kittens.  Two would not live to see FUR.  With just two babies left, FUR was called and sprang into action. Soon, we realized that little manx Ranger was not able to use his hind legs correctly.  He could only push himself along.  Every day, volunteers worked on strengthening his legs. Soon we were rewarded with him sitting up, climbing cat furniture once beyond his reach and using his hind legs to hop like a bunny. And boy! can he move. Each victory was monumental!  A vet visit confirmed what was already suspected since it is common to the manx. He was missing a vertebrae. Not only does this effect his ability to use his hind legs, it can effect nerve endings that control peeing and pooping.  Now, everything hinged on whether he would be able to go to the bathroom on his own.  If he couldn't, euthanasia was recommended.  With everyone glued to his door watching and waiting, he didn't disappoint. First the pee and a few days later, the poop. Rejoicing was great and he has repeated this remarkable performance a number of times to the delight of us all.  While we wait to see what his future holds, he has taken it into his very own paws, playing with Pumpkin and greeting each visitor with unabashed exuberance.  And while hopping is pretty cool cause no one else can do it, he is still determined to use his hind legs separately, practicing a bit every day. He sees no difference between himself and his brother and neither will you when you instantly fall in love with him.