Sweet Story

Pregnant cats are always at risk – no one wants to adopt them and no one wants them to give birth.  At FUR, we think of them as AMAZING and take them gladly when we can.  Waiting with great expectation and, of course, taking a few bets on the side.  Number of kittens.  Color.  Males vs females.  The competition can be quite heated! When the kittens arrive, we are overcome by their cuteness but even more so by the dedication of the moms.  Sometimes, help is needed if the kittens get sick.  Lillie gave birth to six kittens, including Maverick and Macy.  While all six became ill due to an upper respiratory infection, Maverick and Macy were in life threatening peril for days. Volunteers arrived early and left late to watch them through the day, another took them home at night to feed since they were too weak to eat.  Slowly, they showed improvement and were able to nurse a bit on their own. They continued to heal and soon began to do what kittens do best, play!  Endlessly play.  Adopted into amazing homes, Maverick hit the jackpot.  After so many days of endless care, there was only one home for him.  He went home with the volunteer that never gave up on him.