My name is Blackie - please read my story!

You know, when people first see me they make the mistake of thinking that I am black and don't realize just how special I am.  I am a five year old black torti girl with an amazing personality!  Of course, my loving nature shines through immediately but you need to stop and take a closer look at my elegant coat to see the markings within the dark color.  Truly, I am quite stunning if I say so myself.  Of course, you could be checking out my fur while petting me at the same time. Preferably while I am laying in your lap - before you take me home. I was returned to FUR because my Mom had a stroke and she was no longer able to care for me and my brother Stormy.  Stormy was adopted a few weeks ago and I was standing at my door waving good bye when it dawned on me that he probably thought I was sad to see him go.  Actually - NOT!  I don't know what Mom saw in him but he was such a bully.  I was waving good riddance.  Now they won't adopt us out together again. I am SO relieved. Please come by and spend time with me.  I just know you will fall in love and I am so good at returning that love many times over. There is no need for either one of us to be lonely anymore.


Meet our little "Ranger"!

Concern began immediately as volunteers at FUR realized that all was not right with adorable black kitten Ranger. Recently arrived at FUR along with Mom Daisy and brother Pumpkin, this family had already experienced great loss.  Impregnated by her own brother when her owners neglected to have four siblings neutered, Daisy (who is a Siamese mix manx) gave birth to four kittens.  Two would not live to see FUR.  With just two babies left, FUR was called and sprang into action. Soon, we realized that little manx Ranger was not able to use his hind legs correctly.  He could only push himself along.  Every day, volunteers worked on strengthening his legs. Soon we were rewarded with him sitting up, climbing cat furniture once beyond his reach and using his hind legs to hop like a bunny. And boy! can he move. Each victory was monumental!  A vet visit confirmed what was already suspected since it is common to the manx. He was missing a vertebrae. Not only does this effect his ability to use his hind legs, it can effect nerve endings that control peeing and pooping.  Now, everything hinged on whether he would be able to go to the bathroom on his own.  If he couldn't, euthanasia was recommended.  With everyone glued to his door watching and waiting, he didn't disappoint. First the pee and a few days later, the poop. Rejoicing was great and he has repeated this remarkable performance a number of times to the delight of us all.  While we wait to see what his future holds, he has taken it into his very own paws, playing with Pumpkin and greeting each visitor with unabashed exuberance.  And while hopping is pretty cool cause no one else can do it, he is still determined to use his hind legs separately, practicing a bit every day. He sees no difference between himself and his brother and neither will you when you instantly fall in love with him. 


My name is Stormy but don't let that fool you! I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!

I want to be up front with you all before you hear the rumors. It is true that I am remarkably handsome being a rare silver tabby. It is also true that my name does fit my personality - but only, only when it comes to other cats.  And being 5 years old and a guy, I am set in my ways with no desire to change!  I am so special that you will understand immediately that you will need no other cats in your life but me. Returned recently to FUR with my sister Blackie when our Mom had a stroke, these other cats are driving me nuts! I am constantly whining about the situation and whenever given the opportunity I love all over my human servants in the hopes that one of them will take me home.  But alas and alack! most of them already have cats that they are just unwilling to give up. Really, folks - how blind can they be?  I am lively, love to cuddle and a one cat entertainment machine.  Don't miss this opportunity to make me yours!

Tori is looking for a home of her own!

My name is Tori and first and foremost I need to confess that I deceived a vet.  I was so desperate to be rescued by FUR, I convinced a vet that I was pregnant. It worked! In order to make sure my “babies” were safe, FUR scooped me up and kept me safe. I must admit I was a bit grumpy at first because I knew it wouldn’t be long before they figured out there would be no babies – you know how people just love those kittens.  Personally, I don’t understand that when you can have a cool, non-curtain climbing laid back sweetie like me. When did I stop being grumpy? When I realized FUR folks loved me just the same. Now, between you and me, I am ready for a home of my own.  You see, there is this other cat name Jessie who thinks she is the most gorgeous little girl tux in the world and keeps stealing my spot on the cat furniture.  I know – how rude! I am a about 2 years old and am a dark tortoise shell beauty (no lies there) who would love to belong to someone.  Is that someone you?

My name is Melody - please take me home! I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!

I am a 3 year old beautiful orange and white female. Look how adorable I am.  I am a very laid back young lady that loves to be around people!  Arriving at FUR after being abandoned, I quickly adjusted to the various feline personalities and promptly decided that the humans here are the best.  You can see how cute I am from my white nose to my cute little white socks. I am a calm little girl and I promise I will follow you around until you get the hint that it is play time. Please come and meet me - I will be your perfect companion!


Cookie Comes Home!

Scott Maclay, a volunteer with Feline Urgent Rescue (FUR), recently traveled over 6,000 miles to deliver a Cookie. Cookie the cat was reunited with her owner, thanks to Maclay's efforts.

A few months ago, Deborah Slizewski left Waynesville for Spokane, Washington, to be near family. She drove the distance alone because she was afraid of bringing her aging cat with her.

“I just didn’t think my 11-year old Cookie would survive a cross-country drive and I had to make a very tough choice to leave my cat at the Haywood County Animal Shelter,” said Slizewski. “It was the toughest decision of my life.”

After settling in Spokane, Slizewski knew she’d made the wrong decision.

Meanwhile, Cookie had caught the attention of FUR.

“I had heard about a senior cat that had been surrendered by her owner to the Haywood County Shelter,” said Rachel West, FUR co-founder. “That is nothing unusual, but it is always sad when they are older cats.”

Because older cats often don’t get adopted, on Cookie’s 30th day at the shelter, FUR took her to the sanctuary. Staff and volunteers knew that someone had loved the cat because she was taken care of and well-maintained.

After a few months, West decided to locate Cookie’s previous owner, hoping to get some background information. Fortunately, Slizewski had not changed her cellphone number, and West reached out. Slizewski was emotional and happy.

“I was prepared to do whatever it took to get Cookie back to me, and I told FUR that I would pay for her plane ride to Washington if someone would accompany her back to me” said Slizewski.

Realizing that Cookie had been grieving for her owner, Maclay volunteered to make the trip.

“I gladly accepted the task to transport and ‘escort’ Cookie back to her owner,” said Maclay. “It was a long, grueling trip for me, but Cookie was a champion all the way — no complaints from her. Cookie seemed to know somehow that this was going to end well for her.”

When Maclay arrived at the Spokane airport baggage claim, Slizewski was waiting with a welcome sign. The trip a success, Maclay returned to Waynesville the next day.

“We are thankful that we have people so dedicated to saving and preserving the lives of cats in Haywood County and that we could reunite this wonderful cat with her human,” said Syndey Klocke, FUR president.

Sweet Story

Pregnant cats are always at risk – no one wants to adopt them and no one wants them to give birth.  At FUR, we think of them as AMAZING and take them gladly when we can.  Waiting with great expectation and, of course, taking a few bets on the side.  Number of kittens.  Color.  Males vs females.  The competition can be quite heated! When the kittens arrive, we are overcome by their cuteness but even more so by the dedication of the moms.  Sometimes, help is needed if the kittens get sick.  Lillie gave birth to six kittens, including Maverick and Macy.  While all six became ill due to an upper respiratory infection, Maverick and Macy were in life threatening peril for days. Volunteers arrived early and left late to watch them through the day, another took them home at night to feed since they were too weak to eat.  Slowly, they showed improvement and were able to nurse a bit on their own. They continued to heal and soon began to do what kittens do best, play!  Endlessly play.  Adopted into amazing homes, Maverick hit the jackpot.  After so many days of endless care, there was only one home for him.  He went home with the volunteer that never gave up on him.