Cloudy with a 100% chance of hope


First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am named after the gorgeous steel-gray of my fur coat – which sets off the amazing color of my eyes.  “Cloudy” certainly has absolutely nothing to do with my very joyful, playful and talkative nature. But to be honest, there are quiet moments of contemplation during my days when I picture what my future new home may be like and how much longer I will have to wait to be adopted. Hopefully it will be soon. How many toys will there be?  Do they have cat furniture to lounge on – I just love sitting up high so that I can see everything and everyone.  I may be a bit petite in size but my curiosity is HUGE. Will they love to pet me as much as I love to be pet?  And what about conversations?  There’s so much to be discussed – what’s for dinner, do I like white mice better than red, am I getting enough lap time. Important stuff. So let’s get together and see what we have in common.  No time like the present. Cuddle season is at hand.

Thank you Randi & Linda


image imageTwo wonderful a gals, Randi & Linda, have donated these adorable gift bags , complete with cute kitty stickers and filled with goodies to be given out to adopters. Thank you gals for the generous donation and to our volunteer, Syd, who put them all together. We can’t wait to start giving them out.

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